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Old version change his face. The new theme as been design by Freezben (thanks for him). On the new Sylohe, you will see that i have change the organisation of the website to get something more clear.

I have install a blog system to help me to manage the news and some small articles i will publish (based on Wordpress).

I have also remove the old menu and put all documentations in a fresh installation of the wiki (based on Dokuwiki). This change will allow me to post more frequently documentations about my applications. The next documentation will explain how to work with the new forum package forum_context. This package should provide an new session interface for the forum application.

As always all my applications are free. If you have any technical questions (bugs to report, want a new feature) please use the bugs system.

If you have any non technical question use the contact form

You will find here everything about my Forum application. This forum is working on portal from 9i to 10g. It can be integrated with SSO, OID. The installation is very simple
The Calendar application is fully integrated with Portal. You can manage your own events that you can share with user groups or other users.
The Faq application will allow you to manage an internal database set of questions and answers. You will be able to manage the access to different categories based on the SSO groups and users.
This application is dedicated for schools. It can create electronical exams, by generating sessions with random questions extracted from a questions sets. It can allow teachers to manage very easily student exams and get statistics from those sessions.
You have found a bug, or you need a new specific feature on one application. Just let use know by using the bug application system. You will be able to ask all technical question on
Searching for a documentation, the installation steps or the specification of the forum_constant package. Go on our documentation wiki to find everything you need about the Sylohe applications.