You can download here the 10 last forum versions. As always everything is free but the code still stay wrapped.

If you find any bugs, you can report them in the bugs applications Here.

If you have none technical questions, you can use the following contact form.

Downloads Download forum
Filename Version Uploaded Date Downloaded
forumforum0.7.1.zipv0.7.116/11/2009 20:56:5848
forumforum0.7.0.zipv0.7.021/08/2009 15:14:2542
forumforum0.6.9.zipv0.6.923/03/2009 22:17:4410
forumforum0.6.8.zipv0.6.815/12/2008 20:38:432
forumforum0.6.7.zipv0.6.712/11/2008 19:29:12175
forumforum0.6.6.zipv0.6.612/11/2008 19:28:5181
forumforum0.6.5.zipv0.6.512/11/2008 19:28:30531
forumforum0.6.4.zipv0.6.412/11/2008 19:28:09481
forumforum0.6.3.zipv0.6.312/11/2008 19:27:49200
forumforum0.6.2.zipv0.6.212/11/2008 19:27:2799
forumforum0.6.1.zipv0.6.112/11/2008 19:27:0635
forumforum0.6.0.zipv0.6.012/11/2008 19:26:4291
You can also download specific language packs from here.