You can download here the latests forum language pack. If your language is not available you can create your own one by download this one. Then you can create a ticket in the bugs application to request the script for this new language pack.

If you find any bugs, you can report them in the bugs applications Here.

If you have none technical questions, you can use the following contact form.

Downloads Download forum
Filename Uploaded Date Downloaded
dpack_d.sql12/11/2008 19:19:036
epack_e.sql12/11/2008 19:19:0513
elpack_el.sql12/11/2008 19:19:087
fpack_f.sql12/11/2008 19:19:104
ipack_i.sql12/11/2008 19:19:123
nlpack_nl.sql12/11/2008 19:19:140
ptbpack_ptb.sql12/11/2008 19:19:160
uspack_us.sql12/11/2008 19:19:183
zhspack_zhs.sql12/11/2008 19:19:223