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Forum configuration


This documentation is here to describe the meaning of all the constant present in the forum_constant package specifications.

To update them, you just need to edit the package specifications and recompile it.

Portal Parameters

  • c_portal_schema_name: The portal objects owner name.
  • c_url_website: The url used to access the website.
  • c_url_dad: The DAD to access the portal packages (ex: /portal/pls/portal)
  • c_url_sso: The SSO url DAD (ex: http://localhost/pls/orasso)
  • c_url_img: The folder name that you have create under the %MIDTIER%/portal/images path, if it is forum you should enter /images/forum
  • c_portal_patched: If your portal is newer than version then put TRUE.
  • c_ldap_host: The ldap server host name.
  • c_ldap_port: The ldap server port.
  • c_ldap_base: The ldap base search.
  • c_ldap_ssl: If the specified port in c_ldap_port is the SSL port you should put TRUE.
  • c_ldap_filter: This is the filter used for the user search. Do not update it.

Forum Parameters

  • c_version: This is the forum version (You should not change it because it is used by the upgrade process).
  • c_close: This constant allow administrators to put the forum application off line. Users will be redirected to forum_close.html.
  • c_schema_name: The forum object owner name.
  • c_admin_group: The user groups that will contain the forum administrators (this is an SSO group).
  • c_url_forum: The url used to access the forum.
  • c_url_home: This is the url used for the home link on the forum.
  • c_site_pagename: This is the page title that will prefix all page name.
  • c_forum_title: This is the content of the HEADER area. If this constant is null then the header will not be displayed.
  • c_forum_licence: This is the licence content that will be displayed on each page footer.
  • c_server_tz: This is the server timezone. Valid entrys can be found with the following statment(SELECT DISTINCT tzname FROM v$timezone_names)
  • c_timer: This define the time used in the forum board to say that a user is online.
  • c_tri: This constant define the sort option used to sort the forums by default.
  • c_order: This define the sort order (ASC or DESC).
  • c_date: The number of days used to display the topics in a forum.
  • c_default_language: The default language used on the forum
  • c_err_user_message: The default error message displayed when a user can not be found in the ldap.
  • c_nb_horizontal: The number of smiley to display horizontaly in the RTE.
  • c_nb_vertical: The number of smiley to display verticaly in the RTE.
  • c_smiley_size: The default smiley size (in pixels) in the RTE.
  • c_after_timer: The time (in milli seconds) to wait on the after page.
  • c_max_size_avatar: The maximun size in bytes for an avatar.
  • c_max_size_file: The maximum size of an attached file.
  • c_max_poll_quest: The maximum poll answers that can be set for a poll.
  • c_short_date: The short date format displayed on the forum.
  • c_medium_date: The medium date format displayed on the forum.
  • c_long_date: The long date format displayed on the forum.
  • c_alert_notification: How to alerte moderators when an user alert is raised (private message, email or both)
  • c_thumb_width: (>=0.6.3) The thumb width size.
  • c_thumb_height: (>=0.6.3) The thumb height size

Meta tags parameters

  • c_website_description: The description meta tags content.
  • c_website_keyword: The keywords meta tags content.
  • c_website_author: The author meta tags content.

Mods parameters

  • c_disable_board_part: Activate or not the forum board.
  • c_disable_saint_part: (<0.6.7) Activate or not the Saint part of the forum.
  • c_disable_fastlab_part: Active or not the fast forum.
  • c_disable_fastlab_resize_part: Active or not the automatic resizing of the fast forum.
  • c_disable_lowfi_part: Active or not the low speed forum.
  • c_disable_pm_part: Active or not the private messages.
  • c_disable_birthday_part: Active or not the birthday part in the forum board.
  • c_disable_login_part: Active or not the login part. So users must log in on your login pages.
  • c_disable_theme_part: Active or not the theme part.
  • c_disable_flag_part: Active or not the flags selection.
  • c_disable_updator_part: Active or not the new version checker.
  • c_disable_bottom_date_part: Active or not the display of the date on the footer.
  • c_disable_profil_part: Active or not the user profil section.
  • c_disable_smiley_part: Active or not the smileys support.
  • c_disable_wb_part: Active or not the welcome back message on the home page.
  • c_disable_home_link_part: Active or not the home link.
  • c_disable_personnal_part: Active or not the personal part in the user profil section (Personnal informations, signature, avatar)
  • c_disable_greating_part: Active or not the welcome message on the top left.
  • c_disable_footer_part: Active or not the footer of the forum (the section under the forum board)
  • c_disable_navigation_part: Active or not the navigation link on the top of each page (category, and forum links).
  • c_disable_group_selection_part: Active or not the group preselection. If set to FALSE you need to insert the group ids you want to use in the T_FORUM_GROUP_LIST table.
  • c_disable_ldap_update_part: Active or not the update of the personnal informations in the ldap.
  • c_disable_upload_part: Active or not the file upload feature.
  • c_disable_error_log_part: Active or not the errors recording in the table T_FORUM_ERROR_LOGS.
  • c_disable_header_css: Active or not the css that is applied to the header.
  • c_disable_rss_part: Active or not the forum Rss feature.
  • c_disable_thumb_part: (>=0.6.3) Active or not the thumbnails.
  • c_disable_bottom_buttons: (>=0.6.3) Active or not the bottom buttons.
  • c_disable_tracking_system_part: (>=0.6.4) Active or not a user tracking system. (This can impact performances).
  • c_disable_score_part: (>= 0.6.6) Active or not the scoring feature.
  • c_disable_home_login_part : (>= 0.6.7) Active or not the fast login part display on the bottom right.
  • c_disable_rank_color_part : (>= 0.7.0) Active or not the rank color option.

SMTP parameters

  • c_mail_smtp : The smtp gateway host name.
  • c_mail_port : The smtp gateway port.
  • c_mail_sender : The email used as the email sender.
  • c_mail_username : (>= 0.7.0) Define the smtp login
  • c_mail_password : (>= 0.7.0) Define the smtp password

Others parameters

  • c_xiti_id: (<0.6.7) Xiti id. Feature disabled if null.
  • c_xiti_log: (<0.6.7) Xiti code version.
  • c_xiti_name: (<0.6.7) Xiti page name.
  • c_disable_w3c_icons: (<0.6.7) Activate or not the W3C images.
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