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Language management

How it works

The language installation is done with script named like pack_xxx.sql (where xxx is the language installed) Those scripts are build on PL/SQL statments like this one


IF 5>v_id THEN
  INSERT INTO t_forum_lang_text VALUES (t_languages_seq.nextval,'Bonjour');
  INSERT INTO t_forum_lang VALUES (5,'f',t_languages_seq.currval);

The If condition check if item id 5 is already present or not.

The first item add the language text, and the second insert add the link between the text and the item id.

The method consist to use the available tool in the administration panel.

  1. Connect on the forum as an administrator
  2. Click on administration
  3. In language section, click on Language Editor
  4. Select “Display words id” then click on save
  5. Go on the page where the word you want to find is.

Install a new language pack

Please follow this documentation

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