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 +====== Sylohe Wiki ======
 +===== Documentations =====
 +You will find here all documentations about my applications. There will be install, upgrade and administration docs.
 +  * {{:​forum:​forum_s.png}}[[forum:​home|Forum documentations]]
 +  * {{:​calendar:​calendar_s.png}}[[calendar:​home|Calendar documentations]]
 +  * {{:​faq:​faq_s.png}}[[faq:​home|Faq documentations]]
 +  * {{:​sctc:​sctc_s.png}}[[sctc:​home|Sctc documentations]]
 +===== Sql & Pl/Sql Code =====
 +In this [[code:​home|section]],​ i will put all SQL & PL/SQL codes i have found on web, or that i have wrote myself. This will be like a place that can help others DBAs or developpers.
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